The Generic Organizational Environment

The Business Continuity environment relates to the physical, social, cultural, political and economic environments as they relate to the stakeholder relationships within which an organization operates.

An organization’s environment extends beyond its boundaries – It comprises components that affect the organization, but which the organization is unable to directly control or affect in any significant way.

An organization is more than the sum of its activities. An Organization’s environment is an interdependent system or network of activities that is connected by relationships. Relationships occur when the ways in which one activity is performed affects the effectiveness of other activities.

Planning in advance for interruptions is as important as planning any other business process. When Business Continuity factors are integrated into central organizational planning, the enterprise can respond to unforeseen events in an orderly and balanced way. If the processes governing control and coordination are pre-emptively established before disaster strikes, the organization’s leaders will be able to re-allocate assets and resources quickly and appropriately in response.